Increase Your Bottom Line While Helping Your Customers Protect Their Vehicles

The incidence of car thefts in the US, both from dealer lots and on the streets, has risen steadily over the past couple of years. Even locking a vehicle in a garage is not enough to deter thieves. Not only will they steal it, but they may also burgle the home, and then use the stolen car to continue their spree.

In a recent incident in San Jose, California, a home was broken into on a weekday between 12:30 and 12:55pm. The thieves took valuables from the home and then fled in the homeowners car that was parked in the garage. The car was then used in a number of other robberies in San Jose, and surrounding areas. There was a police-involved car chase, but the robbers managed to flee, and eventually abandoned the vehicle. The robbers are still at large.

If the owners of the stolen vehicle had an S4 Tracker installed they would have been able to use the 3-way call feature to alert the police department closest to the vehicle’s location of the theft. The police would then also have access to the exact GPS location of the vehicle and the owner could remotely disable the car’s starter, leading the police right to the thieves. In this case, the car would most likely have been returned to the owners quickly, without the car chase, and they may have been able to get all of their valuables back. It also would have prevented the subsequent break-ins and the thieves would have been caught.

By installing an S4 Tracker on each of the cars on your lot, you’re not only keeping them safe from theft before sale, but you are also offering your customers a valuable product/service. Once they purchase their new car, they will have constant access to it via the S4 giving them peace of mind and potentially preventing them from losing thousands of dollars in loss or damages. It will also increase your bottom line by adding to your profit margin.

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